Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Are we really ready??

Hey folks !

Are we really ready? The title seems confusing what are we ready for? I hope that you could relate the title at the end of this note. 
Our generation has become obsessed with usage of gadgets, latest technology and many more cutting edge applications . We portray ourselves as tech-savvy individual. But are we really aware of day to day events, current happenings and fellow beings . This will be an unanswered question for most of us. 

Our education system is mere cramming where we are trained to memorize and reproduce the same context we study. There is a great difference between 'Knowing' and 'Learning'. Let me cite a short story to explain the difference between these two words. ( I heard this story yesterday from Mr. Vaidyanathan, CEO of Classle Pvt Ltd at social media week held at bangalore).
 A burglar broke into a house one midnight and threatened the people in that house to hand over the keys of the cup-board.  The people were afraid and handed the keys to him in tremor. This is a simple sight where every one of us would have witnessed atlease once .  If the same thief was handed over a key which will not immediately open the door but has a code within it which he has to crack to open the door.  He has to apply his brain and crack the code to open the door. There comes the part of learning . Most of us know everything but are we good learners ?  I believe that you would know your answer for this question.

We have to unlearn certain things to learn new things in our life. I cant simply blame our curriculum for making us individuals with good memory power or as 'nerds' ( According to some  so called 'well-educated' people ). Its our duty as well as necessity to learn things out of the box.  Its unfortunate that most of us are in our own shell where we are not ready to shed it to learn new things and to explore  & excel. In today's rat race, each one us go behind fatty pay-cheques and luxuries to lead a modern sophosticated life.  But if we sit back and analyse, there is lot more in our life to learn apart from academics. Its vital to learn one's own self to understand them. I have seen many people who dont even self-analyse and know about them and expect others to understand them. 

My prime focus for this note is to be ready for challenges and to learn new things. Its better to accept something that we do not know and start the initiative to learn it rather than blaming the system . For eg) There are few south Indians ( with all due respects to all South Indians, I DO NOT refer everyone here  and I am a south Indian too :P) who treat fellow North Indians  with contempt. There are few people who are not willing to learn another language such as Tamil or hindi . So its time for us to leave our inhibitions and to start travelling on the road less-travelled and leave a trail !

So lets roll up our sleeves to get ready for the challenges ! 

Good luck !

Monday, 28 October 2013


       Welcome back Friends !! We are happy  to reach you all through our blog channel.

         To begin with, we would like to stress once again about the age old method of reading & listening of English extensively. So what to read and listen ?? These is where we are sharing our innovative cum tested techniques in following series of blogs. We "Right to Speak" Team have a very simple vision, to instill love for English language in your heart. And we have pledged to do that as friend, instead of doing that as a teacher or tutor. Do you expect your friend to discuss grammar with you ?? A BIG NO !!. Neither we are going to teach you grammar here.

         "Edutainment" is a very interesting method, those who have followed our previous blogs would have known about Edutainment. To others, Edutainment is doing an act or activity that Educates & "ENTERTAINS". Let's look around and list things that entertain us like Football, Movies, Cricket, F1, Music, Novels, Comics, LOVE, Television shows, Gossips, Hanging - out with friends, Animals - Nature & Restaurants. So lets remember from now onwards, when ever we are coming across entertaining moment in life, We shall ensure that we are FULLY ENTERTAINED & Slightly Educated.

       Today we wish introduce you to a very interesting technique, "Passionate Love Letters".


How at all writing love letter(s) can help in improving our communication skills ?? In fact behind several confident English experts[Speakers,Editors, Writers & Analyst] today, there would had been a love interest in the past.

For whom, These people would have
1. For the very first time would have taken interest in English Dictionary,
2.Would have taken interest in rough draft"s" & fair letter and
3. Started being very careful over their presentation.

Here, you can imagine as if your are writing a letter or series of letters to your dream partner. The objective of the letter is convey your emotion to the person in such a fashion that it strikes love in their heart. You can also share your dream about future of a happily married life with them. In fact depending on your creativity the content possibility is endless. But be sure, it is so cryptic that letter is not easily understood by your partner. This can only done by making best use of a dictionary or watching some acknowledged romantic English movies.

A Friend or for the purpose of reference a good teacher should be capable of handling immature [or rather curious cum adventurous] exhibition of friends/students. So you are free to write decide the content[expression] of the letter. You can keep this letters as your precious memories or as preparation to impress your real time interests[In future].

"It is easy to express our emotions to a strange. And to a strangers we convey our expressions more authenticly"
                                                                                                              - Unknown

You can also email us your letter from some anonymous mail id. We shall review your letters & shall rate your letter based on your vocabulary, content & presentation. If you are mentioning "Reply must" in your letter, we shall also respond to your love letters.

So get ready to write heart melting love letters. And if you had a positive effect by this method, do share this technique with your known circle. You can also write us about your feedback on using this technique.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tips on Preparing for a Job Interview

So you've landed a job interview? Congratulations! Now it's time to prepare. With so much competition for jobs today, the interview is more important than ever. This crucial face-to-face meeting is your chance to "sell" a prospective employer on hiring you.

Here are Few steps to acing your next interview. Good luck!


Don't walk into a job interview with zero knowledge about the business you are interviewing with. Research the company beforehand -- visit its website, follow it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and do some simple Google searches to see what you can find out about its history and its leadership team.

Be sure to showcase your new found knowledge during your interview. This will boost your credibility with the interviewer and will help you to formulate intelligent questions to ask him or her.


Make a checklist of documents that you will need for the interview, and make sure that you have them with you. These may include copies of your résumé, a passport, driver's license, Social Security card, or portfolio of work.

If the interviewer asks for something that you did not know to bring, be sure to get it to them as soon as possible.


Don't sabotage your chances before you even arrive by getting lost on your way to the interview or getting stuck in traffic. Arriving late to a job interview leaves a very bad impression on the interviewer.

Map out where you're going and prepare alternate routes. Figure out how long the trip will take, where to park, and anything else you need to know to arrive on time. Be sure you have the name and phone number of the person you'll be meeting with.


Every once in a while an interviewer will ask an unexpected question, but for the most part, many interviews play out the same way.

Prepare intelligent answers to common questions the interviewer is likely to ask, such as "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"; "Why do you want to work here?"; "Why should we hire you?"; and "Tell me about yourself." Conduct a mock interview with a trusted friend as practice.


Find at least three key people -- former supervisors, colleagues, or instructors -- who will serve as your professional references. Ask their permission beforehand, as well as the best way for them to be contacted.

You may be asked to send these references at a later time, but you should arrive at the interview with this information in hand just in case it is asked for.

Follow these guidelines when you face an interview .


10 words never to use in your resume 

Creative is the most overused buzzword in LinkedIn profiles followed by effective, motivated and extensive experience, the social networking site has said.

According to career expert David Schwarz, using buzzwords not only makes your CV generic but it can give the impression that you are trying to mislead your prospective employer.

"They create almost a sense of misleading because they gloss over the detail," quoted Schwarz, a principal consultant at career management firm Board Portfolio, as saying.

Schwarz said that everything you put in a resume needs to be backed up with proof.

"If you can't put a metric or a statistic next to that statement shouldn't have it in your CV," he said.

He added that candidates should never include aspiration statements in their resume.

"'I want to be, or my goal is, or in the future I want', they're all massive red flags because they all basically say you're not qualified to do the job you're doing now," he added.

The top 10 buzzwords that appear most in profiles are:

1. Creative
2. Effective
3. Motivated
4. Extensive experience
5. Track record
6. Innovative
7. Responsible
8. Analytical
9. Communication skills
10. Positive

Sunday, 14 October 2012


1. Read books - First start with bed time story books then move on to news paper and novels.
2. Communicate - Try using known words in between when you communicate with others.
3. Mirror practice - Speak in front of mirror loudly with all your known words and sentence.
4. Written practice - Write half or one page every day on some self topic.
5. Watch TV - See kids channel like pogo, cartoon, nick etc,. watch movies try read the subtitle down which is pretty much made compulsory in all English movie channels.

Courtesy- My neighbor PRIYA doing 12th std in a Tamil medium GOVT school.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Be Positive

I come from a remote village, I should thank my school for my communication skill today.. Coz we had a rule to speak in English at school though it was hard during those days now all the compliments goes to my school... so guys never mind if you make mistakes, if someone try corrects you take it as a feed back and work on it. Remember 2 things.
1. English is just a language not knowledge.
2. No one is born perfect only practise makes it.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Overcoming Embarrassment

  Embarrassment  : மனதிற்குத் தொல்லை/ சங்கடம்

  The most important step towards improving our English Skills will be Eliminating Fear. In an given opportunity to Orate[Medai Pechu] in a new forum, everyone us will have following fear within us.  
  1. Fear of Speaking in Proper English. 
  2. Fear of others mocking at the way you speak.
  3. Fear of What my Staff's/bosses are going to think about me.  
Out of the three Important Fears. Our Primary Fear will be being mocked by our New friends/colleagues, which results in an kind of inferiority complex. 

Before going in detail about how to overcome this Fear Coefficient. I wish all our Tamil readers to Shout out Loudly the Below lines of Mahakavi's Poem. One Should understand that a Healthy Confident Mind is necessary to break the hindrances that keeps our Moral Low. 

                                                                                            -- Mahakavi Bharathiyar.

    To overcome our fear, we need to first accept frankly that 
       "We can't speak proper English, because  
        We Didn't had opportunity to read(Not Study) English, 
        We hadn't Watched/Seen someone speak in English and Most Importantly 
        We didn't knew(or taught about) the importance of the language earlier."

   Saying that, "All others who capable of speaking in proper English were taught & given an opportunity to speak, listen & read English".

  First step from our side will identifying & Classifying friends with whom you spend most of your time with as
  1.  Friends who are with you for mutual Improvement.
  2.  Friends who are with you for mutual Entertainment.
Both friends will always play an important role in our life and equally essential for us. But as we got a vision with us, we need friends who can support us in that.

Our Learning Formula is Very Simple

Input [Listening + Reading + Watching] + Processing & Practice --->Output [Speaking+Writing]

Listening : In our day to day life there are many sources from where we can listen to English. 
Ex : Movies, News, cricket Commentary. We will also be shortly uploading Audio Books, which will help you develope your Communication Skills from Scratch.

Writing   : You can always write to us, about your interests. We will upload materials which will help you write Simple English for different occasions.

Reading  : We will upload interesting materials & articles for you to read. But other than that you can read News papers, Novels, Magazines etc.. that are available with you.

Interactive Speaking : We will support by connecting you to a tutor/volunteer, with whom you can always speak in English & clarify your doubts. 

A Short Inspirational Story/Poem : A Child's Poem - Muhaaa Muhaaa
     Kuu Vaaa, Kuu Vaaaaa,
    Voaaaa, Avuuu Avuuu, 
    Ouuuuu, Ovuuuuuuu,
    Moooohooo, Mhuaaaa... Yaa!!.

                   -- A Six months Old Baby.

So were you able to understand this story poem? No!! You can hear this poem sung in almost every homes of India. Okay I will translate this story to you.

 I came into this world to be Happy,
 I will get whatever I want by any means, No matter what other feel about that,
 I am speaking so sweetly, See how people are appreciating & Cheering me around.
 I might fall today. But remember, One day I will Run across the greenfield one Day.
 I won't give up... Yaa!!

But unfortunately we have lost the attitude of "never giving up", which everyone of us possessed as a Child. Lets become a child once again and Start our Journey towards speaking Fluent English. 

-- Lovingale Humane 

Feedback : Your Feedback will help up us improve us tremendously. As we are also a child in our efforts.